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Making the Most of Your Space with Modular Dividers

The LivingSpace Company helps make the most of your space in New York City. Small apartments that lack privacy in densely-populated NYC are common. These apartments typically do not have the dedicated space for second bedrooms, nuseries, home offices and more. When hired to help, LivingSpace ensures a design that simply makes life easier. 

Please explore our different divider types in the galleries below

Assorted Wall Dividers

Divider Types

Our room dividers are quickly and easily installed without damage. Normal delivery, installation and clean-up in less than 3 hours. LivingSpace staff will help determine the most effective type of divider based on your needs. Choose from the following styles:

  • Floor to Ceiling
  • Dividers with Doors
  • Transom Dividers with Walkways
  • Transom (Not to Ceiling)
  • Free-Standing Dividers with Walkways (Walk About)

Options for Any Space

Our pre-fabricated modular room dividers are easily tailored to whatever your design or functionality preferences are. Pick from options such as:

  • Acrylic Light Panels
  • Door Closures
  • Windows
  • Single & Double French Doors
  • Corner Turns
Window Still Divider

Rental Policies Requirements

Rental Policies

We make it easy to get the private space you need when you rent our modular wall dividers. We offer up to three-year rentals and accept cash money orders, personal checks, or certified checks that must be presented upon delivery; we do not accept credit cards. We have only a few simple requirements for our service:

  • Email, Fax, or Mail Your Floor Plan & Lease
  • Notify the Building Manager, Super, or Doorman
  • Find Out if Your Building Requires a Certificate of Insurance from Us
  • Move All Furniture Four Feet Away from Both Sides of Installation Site