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Dividing Your Room for Privacy, Space, & Style

Sharing space is common in population-dense Manhattan. Often necessary for financial reasons, many renters sacrifice privacy for savings. The LivingSpace Company designs, installs and removes rented modular room dividers that help solve this ubiquitous problem. Use your space more efficiently and your money as well. 

Room Partition

When you need more privacy but your living arrangement precludes having your own room, The LivingSpace Company offers you the perfect solution. We have various room dividers to choose from depending on your needs. Full floor-to-ceiling dividers with door (Pressurized), not-to-the-ceiling (Transom) and free-standing with walkway (WalkAbout). With our room dividers, you get the privacy you desire and the savings you need. Please take a look .....

Room Dividers

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About Us

The LivingSpace Company working in New York CIty, has been helping people make living together easier for more than 25 years. As the leader in the industry, we focus on quick, clean, and professional service for every client. The original designer of these innovative dividers, LivingSpace now has multiple unit designs to comply with New York City regulations. We collaborate closely with with property owners and managers to design and implement safe comfortable space-saving solutions.

Our business began in 1989 after recognizing a NYC need for more flexible space. We researched and designed the first modular room divider to meet this need. We built a business based on this original divider and over the years we've gone through multiple iterations of our products, each one evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers. 

Fast, efficient and affordable installation and removal ....

privacy achieved in a proffessional manner


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